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I am not a career politician. We have enough of those. Career politicians have not connected the communities they are supposed to serve.  I am the son of a father who was an engineer with the space program and in defense, and a mother who spent most of her career in insurance serving veterans and the veteran community. I am an expectant father and the husband of a wife who has spent most of her career in the non-profit sector, helping people who most need it. I served in the United States Marine Corps and went to college here in Colorado. I spent many years as an operations manager, in the auto industry, and in the insurance industry. I believe every citizen in Pueblo deserves competent government, and I believe that starts at public-facing offices, institutions, and bureaucracies.  I believe citizens deserve to have full confidence in those offices, deserve transparency, and know they are operating with integrity, honesty, and dignity. Impressions matter, and it is vital that public servants are aware of the impressions they create for their community. 

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